Kid Tells Mall Santa A Secret Seconds Later Him And His Elves Are Beating The Crap Out Of A Child Molester  Real life Bad Santa doesn't ck about aA john paul. jonesing for liberty A Wisconsin mall Santa decided to handle one of the naughty list members early this year when a young girl told him her Christmas wish was for her stepdad to stop molesting her. He and four of his elves attacked the guy, who was waiting nearby, and pummeled him unconscious An eyewitness recalied, Santa didn't say nothing. He just grabbed the back of the guy's skull and headbutted him REAL hard. The witness continued on to say, Then Kringle got on top of him and just started pummeling him. He was laughing and screaming Ho Hol Hol Motherfucker Get this man a Medal   Get this man a Medal memes
Lauryn Brison February Fallon, a transgender MMA fighter, has now broken 2 female opponents skulls. When is enough, enough You're essentially a man who's beating on women and people are celebrating it she was named Bravest Athlete in 2020 . I said what I said memes