LAZY CONCERT At 30 players or the third storm like, the editing is lazy circle  every core game mode , the player with the most kills would be bountied by Mando. I Since he in properly the takes, get show, Mando it nearly would like EVERY is able to You're bounty bounty hunter properly get nearly EVERY bounty he takes, it would be like a You're so good, let's see you escape this It would add a fun little slice if Flapjackie had 18 kills, she would get a of adrenaline for whoever gets bounty on targeted by him means Mando'll go he would still have the same amount of do the same after her amount of damage, and drop the same leat. watch this gal deleted un 15 minutes ujustpleasedontaskwiys really bad suggestion I she thought of at 4 in the morning like it's not even put together well just mem