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There's a certain level of intellect required to enjoy certain things. You can not breakdown Beethoven's symphonic algorithm to someone that ONLY listens to trap and expect them to catch the vibe. Same with movies and shows everything isn't meant to be enjoyed by all. Steve Hi Musicologist here. Praising Beethoven and denouncing trap is super gross and reinscribes white supremacist power structures It's not intellect but rather commitment to elite white art that is required to make this claim Thanks have a good day memes

Han Poso BS BREAKING New Mexico leaders say Biden domestic energy bans will devastate the state's economy, where jobs, education, and public programs depend on funding from the industry New Mexico voted 54 43 for Biden PM Twitter App W.2K Reap what you sow  Reap what you sow  memes

It's called never touching a femal. ifuckingspilledmytea Sorry your primitive ape brain cant handle the simple board game of chess. Go play with your famished famished hippopotamuses, childish nitwit. Since you cant advance past suckling on your mother's tit Datz You watched the queen's gambit once and now you think you're a genius, shut the fuck up dude. bunnystabber28. reply to ifuckingspilledmytea It's called never touching a femal ifuckingspilledmytea On QR Keep deflecting The King Slayer You Didn't just take what he said to heart you took it to your soul tyall ace wolf reply to ifuckingspilledmytes say somethina funny. these niggas really do fall for everything memes

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