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And akid came through with their parents trying to find a new game to play, I'd always recommend The Master Chief collection. Sold maybe 20 copies over the 2 years worked there, probably made every one of those kids childhoods better Redknight26 When I worked electronics at Walmart meme

PRESORTED Corps Opportunities STANDARD Clinton, 52733 2944 Ox 2944 US. POSTAGE PAID MCRC m Clinton, 52733 2944 FIGHT AND WIN FOR THE HOME You A Electronic Service Requested Return the enclosed card today and get your free Marine Corps dog tags, duffle bag, or T shirt and information kit. FIGR21 Damn. I didn't know my grades were this bad  Damn. I didn't know my grades were this bad memes

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Ox IGN Microsoft has filed a patent that would allow the company to digitally revive deceased loved ones as chatbots, using the individual's images, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages and more. Very interesting but also seriously disgusting.  Very interesting but also seriously disgusting meme

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NEWS Central Florida Man Buys 20mm Electronic Gatling Gun Pulled From Navy Fighter Jet Florida man says he has no immediately plans on what he will be doing with his newly acquired Vulcan A 250 pound, 6 foot long pneumatically driven, six barrel, air cooled, electric rotary cannon which fires six thousand 20mm rounds per minute. The ATF at some random Florida Man's house during a knack I ac P Florida Man about to rearrange their body parts with a Vulcan Cannon memes

Chatting oniine, Well, if you ps try are move up another to level in one of your favourite games Well, if you teenager, are, like you are millions in the majority. You are another quick thinking, Multi tasking teenager, like millions of others who demand to be Constantly in touch with their friends. Most teenagers do almost everything electronically They watch digital TV, listen to music on a digital player and communicate electronically with friends through email, instant messaging or by mobile phone. Teenagers even do most of thew reading online now. When they need help with thew homework it's often the internet that they tum to, Gadgets are, in fact, teenagers primary tools of communication, information, and entertainment. According to a recent survey more than half of teenagers prefer

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