Pick Your Chinese Sign And Reveal Your 2021 Astrology Report Element Personality Fire Caring and Strong Fierce side Gentle Side mess win 1942 1966 You are giver those love, 1984 2002 the core FRANCISCO'S 2021 PREDICTION ast year was not the easiest for you, Franclsco, You have never asked for much, all you waat isa simple fife fll of {ove and contentment. ves and You play are an often essential under role stress, but many You people's ves and you are often under stress, but You smile, ie even when ally youre sad. change You best and in ery, to. Yaur tine ie al for your change and best in 2021's tine for al your hard work and sacrifice tobe reware memes
Biggest gaudiest patronuses for whatever reason, you suddenly gain godlike powers of control over the universe. what's the first thing you do myrddraaleatsyellowsnow i straight up get rid of carbon. biggest gaudiest patronuses carbon the chemical element upon which all lifeforms are based BB iewishbookwyrm That's the bitch meme
Pelosi said her young staffers knew to barricade the door, turn out the lights, and be silent, because they learned it in school. 1,929 26.7K 147K nan I'm a middle school teacher in a rural district  and we have literally had combat medical training where they recommended that we buy our own tourniquets. Do you know proper technique for packing a bullet wound Because I do. Hi Elementary teacher here. We've ow  learned how to pack a wound, properly barricade a door, best places to hide, best office supplies to throw at the shooter, and how to block our students from bullets. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. On 137 333 meme
No. 095 Escape an Ambush CONOP Understand and identify ambush points marked by Xs and avoid than No alternate routes avallable Stay alerty wove guickly through ambush zones and strategy Without the element of BLU surprise an ambush will be reduced to a fight memes
Kamahl, He legendary At the beginning of combat on you creatures you control get 3  trample until end of turn. Until end of curn, target lar yo control becomes Blemental cr with vigilance, indestructible, anc haste. still a Jand. Partner You can di Aveng Queen Creature Elemental creature you control. mscet de When Avenger of Zendik enters the Flying, deathtouch battlefield, create for a eac green land P When Hornet Queen entel the creature Landfall token for each Whenever battlefield, create four green Landfall Whenever land battlefield under your c  1 counter on Other numbers  Other numbers meme
ELEMENTAL PARASITE {th evel conjration Casting Time setion Range 20 fect Componeats V,S.M a small stone, pul deopof water Duration Concentration, up to 1 mite Classes Sorcerer You launch an uncontrolled you fragment can of an elemental plane at ature or object you can se in range, making a spell agaist it Ahrough or emseloping slashing, your col fire which safes damage to 428 bladgconing slashing, col fire damage to theie An elemental parasites then spawned onthe ith which has lost it points, Rol The inatve reature the parasite telepathically inked which you has its own turns, The every reature order is telepathically inked requited to you and follows your every onder o action requited by On its tur, action, ican moves host up 20 feet against 10 ts wl reach, dealing action, thas a of spl a
I CAPRICORN  December 22  January 19 Symbol Ruling Planet House Ruled Sea Goat Saturn Tenth Element Mode Keyword  Earth Cardinal Achieve Capricorn people are ambitious, practical, and are likely to have an excellent sense of social responsibility. They also tend to be conscious of social mores, perhaps to the point of over concern, and can suffer from feeling insecure. They are driven, yet cautious, which allows them to advance slowly and steadily to the top. GRAPH meme