The Broletariat Why did no one tell me Elephants have religion and observed to Worship the Moon Who has been keeping this information from me  Ritual behaviour in elephants Ronald K. Siegel has studied the precursors of religious faith in African elephants and concludes that elephants are aware of natural cycles, as they practice moon worship, waving branches at the waxing moon and engaging in ritual bathing when the moon is Observations by Pliny the Elder also note supposed elephant reverence for the celestial memes
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SomeoneElseCommented WEIRD This strange mass may not look like much, but it's called the Elephant's Foot, and it leaked out during the Chernobyl disaster. Even in Chernobyl today, it packs enough radioactivity to end person's life within minutes of exposure. And it's slowly burning through the floor of the power plant and into the ground, posing catastrophic consequences. Gel a best seller audible memes