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PlagueOfGripes 7 years ago I both love and hate the Skeleton Warriors opening. I was like ten or eleven when it started airing, and even then I was like Man, this is stupid. Stupid FRESH. Then I did some break dancing in my flannel shirt and felt bad about my life. 2 FF memes
April 20, 1955 Wednesday e After twelve hours of debate in the Victorian Legislative Assembly on Henry Bolte's motion of no confidence against the Labor government of John Cain in the Legislative Assembly, eleven members who have been expelled from the Labor Party cross the floor to support Bolte's motion. With his government defeated, Cain obtains a dissolution of parliament later that day. George Walbridge Perkins, Jr. replaces John Chambers Hughes as United States Permanent Representative to April 21, 1955 Thursday Born Tuheitia Paki, Maori king, in Huntly, New Zealand meme