DiscussingFilm DiscussingFilm Elizabeth Olsen praises Sam Raimi's fantastic work on DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS'. She says he brings a great energy and is a specifc type of filmmaker who loves playing with his camera.  Source 379 Just another reminder that SAM RAIMI IS DIRECTING A DOCTOR STRANGE MOVIE.  Just another reminder that SAM RAIMI IS DIRECTING A DOCTOR STRANGE MOVIE memes
After Chadwick Boseman's passing, most of his co  stars came together to express their sorrow, and discuss his expansive career. However, some co stars did not release statements. One of those co stars, Elizabeth Olsen, received so much backlash, that she deactivated her Instagram. Olsen plays Wanda Scarlet Witch in the Avengers. She starred in 3 Avengers movies alongside Boseman. Although she has not released an official statement on his death, or the deactivation of her account, many believe that she left due to bullying she received. Some fans were unhappy that she didn't make a statement about his passing. Therefore, they began harassing her. This began an hour after his passing was announced. The harassment became so bad, that Olsen deactivated her Instagram account meme
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WandaVision good. Spoilers below. was hoping that when Vision tried to step out his body would instantly just flop over because he's dead. I also like how they're trying to come up with conical excuses to avoid Elizabeth Olsen's shitty Wanda accent memes