February 12, 2021 SqMGB Wyther Uninstalled Today at AM After playing 5000 hrs I am apathetic and cannot play anymore. There are too many updates patches focusing on the content and issues that are not fully played nor fully vetted by WT Devs.Focusing on that NOBODY asked for AND not improving the product to the majority of the player base preference. There are so many things that are absolutely right now, I will only list a few to WT  GET YOUR EYES OFF THE BOTTOM LINE AND ONTO MAKING YOUR PRODUCT BETTER. PEOPLE PLAY IMPROVING PRODUCT. I do not mean the total content in the product that can be consumed. I mean the experience in the product that people enjoy.  Take some notes from Elon Musk  elon musks advice to ounder%  Too focused on squeezing out every GE or IRL money  Map  BR Compression