8 The first Star Wars Legends novel ever published, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, was written to be a low budget sequel film to Star Wars now A New Hope. Further Info George Lucas hired writer Alan Dean Foster in 1976 to ghost write the novelization of his film Star Wars as well as a second novel which would become Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Taking place 2 years after Star Wars, the novel focuses on Luke and Leia as they search for Force relic known as the Kaiburr not to be confused with general kyber crystals. The novel culminates in a confrontation with Darth Vader. The novel was written so that Lucas could still continue his story in the instance that Star Wars was a box office failure. Being set on fog covered world, all of the action could take place in simple environments with cheap
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Uek uckNBuck2 It's happening ha General Flynn 28.8K 1.2M Foll Account suspende susverds that Ruler 08 Jan 21 Twitter for iPhone Sidney Powell Kraken Ren ar for iPhone Twitter is censoring wrong think. I expect that all social media will fo ow. Gentlemen, it was an honor shitposting w you The pioneer days of the internet are over. The pioneer days of the internet are over memes
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The idea that we do not have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them is absolutely mindless. It is no violation of the Amendment.  Joe Biden Biden thinks you should only own single shot guns  Biden thinks you should only own single shot guns meme
You will send me an ass pic of you in the bathroom, resting the right cheek on the sink. You will send me another ass pic where you take it from behind your shoulder. You will send me an ass pic with the boobies visible. You will then send me another ass pic where the camera is at an upskirt level, you are lifting your left cheek up at an angle of 115 degrees you will send anot meme
Michael Tracey COVID is always society's paramount threat, until it's not. Like nobody considered the threat of deploying 25,000  30,000 troops to live together in Mass congregate settings in occupied DC for days on end AM 23 Jan 21  Twitter Wel App meme
Anonymous No.11260164 my mom left school at 16 due to poverty never showed much interest in books, music etc retired last year 53KBUPG has since been reading through all the books I left in boxes at home her enthusiasm for reading is so pure I feel bad for not enjoying reading that much these days she kept asking me if I was writing a book and said she could never do that  picked up the hint and encouraged her to give it a go, without getting my hopes up tfw she sent me a story she wrote about two rabbits who become friends tfw it made me cry and feels more honest than anything I've written How to cope with this feel bros love my mum so much meme
Rigid airships such as the R101 get their name from the use of an internal framework to maintain the shape of the aircraft. These titanics of the sky were notoriously difficult to handle and were prone to catching fire with the slightest provocation. Disasters such as the R101, Hindenburg, the USS Akron and USS Macon put an end to rigid airship use. Furthermore, the development of more capable planes such as the DC 3 and the DC 4 ended the need for such investments like rigid airships.  Furthermore, the development of more capable planes such as the DC 3 and the DC 4 ended the need for such investments like rigid airships memes
When I fuck my homie in the ass and give him reach around but say no homo afterwards Perfectly balanced as all things should be.  183 wy I posted this because i thought it was funny but people actually are looking down on texasempire for this post. Acting gay around you friends in a joking manner ofc is normal and i do it all the time, the only people ive seen that have a problem with it are closet homos and most of the time they dont have any friends. Really telling  homos and most of the time they dont have any friends. Really telling memes