They do not know God entered into my body, like a body my same size, like me floating into you or you floating into me. i slept and dreamed and Jesus appeared in the dream and he had a knife and he went inside mouth and stared chopping, cutting, slicing. he told me, he said i told you to commit suicide. he wants people deceived. he wants people not to know that the Holy Ghost baptism feels like a body your perfect size coming into you. negativeenergym, meme
Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind MOVEMENT OF STORED ENERGy FROM THE BODY TO THE BRAIN Releasing Energy From the First 3 Centers to the Brain Body Becomes a Magnet Figure 5 10 by Running a Current up the Spine to Produce an Electromagnetic Field Figure 5.10B memes
Stove heating hidden to Rostov's slums there is a world famous scientific centre of the so called eniology as is the name for the science of everg I informetion exchange t anto Is Russian acronym for that . The centre employees are opening a branch office in the USA where they have been invited to carry out serious work with those who have so far failed to recover from the 11 September tragic events. It will be another attempt to rid the people of the demon mask haunting them as it was seen by a photo camera and not onlyhthe camera. The rehabilitation method developed in Rostov na Dona and called energy information adjustment  the session looks approximately like this  has attracted the attention of many In the USA where the attitude to similar methods is much more serious than in Rus ia.