Af When you can not sleep on your first night in a new place, your brain is trying to protect you. Many animals sleep with only half their brain, while the other half stays alert to possible dangers. It's called the first night effect in humans, because our bodies put us in a strange, iall awake state the first time we sleep in an unfamiliar environment meme
Dear Valued Customer, Waste Management continues to monitor the impact of Covid 19 on the environment. Our cross functional task force is meeting daily with our drivers to ensure seamless continuity in our business operations. We want to personally thank you and make you aware of your contribution with your efforts to recycle. In the last 30 days, your household has personally provided enough aluminum to build 16 BMW's and enough new guttering for over 1000 homes We are asking you to give it a break We mean WTF how much booze can one family drink  Seriously, give it a break Call 1 800 662 HELP memes
Extreme Cold Warning Northern Alberta 2 hours ago Environment Canada Extremely cold wind chill values between minus 40 and minus SO continue. Cloud cover over most of the province are moderating temperatures this morning Feedback Fuck. More info  Fuck meme
Jack Hello everyone, I'm Jack Lubash, and I am once again joined by iFPW superstar, Jaysin Strife. Thank you Jaysin. Jaysin Thanks for having me. Jack So, Jaysin, Austin Aries has once again placed you in a high stakes environment, placing you in a tag team match with Antonio Cesaro to face Chuck Taylor and Seth Rollins. What have you to say about that I'm nat worried in the slightest. While my opponents boast some hefty competition, I'm confident in my ability to win. This is a big test for me, and know 've gat what it takes. Jack And what about your tag team partner Antonio Cesaro I'm sorry, Who Look dont need anybody in my corner, I especially do not need anybody getting in my way. And that's all he's going to clo. I'm perfectly fine being self sufficient and self dependent. do not need
I Anonymous I 307708326 ago eee ITS OVER No stimulus, 600,000 dead from covid under biden administration, admits he has no plan, admits economy will continue to tailspin, invades north syria, American tax dollars subsidizing  green  energy in third world countries, 70,000 dollar rolex, continues to talk about MUH CLIMATE change aka more taxes 116.6 kB JPG and pointless spending under the guise of environmentalism, what am I signing here  , wants to bail out hedge funders, takes money from China, wear 5 masks goy , vaccinate prisoners before citizens, warmongering after Iran, overflow cities aka more cages for brown people, wants to resettle 1.4 million refugees in the US, canceled keystone pipeline, says it will take ten years for job market to recover, tet cities for illegals in Texas. IT
Really couldn't imagine being in shock at whats occurring, its dawning on me that I've kinda known my environment was hopeless and doomed to collapse for maybe over a decade now. I have lived every day basically for the last 5 years with some vague outline of a collapse scenario. When I was younger I thought this would kick off much later than it did. Its been a surreal life. Honestly I think that cements the comedy of this in a way, in that I have a laundry list of people that have been out of the cultural trance since 2013. Seven years of my life or more have been lived knowing about our very real enemies. Now that they're blatant and not even hiding it anymore, it's literally so insane. Idk how to describe this feeling.  very real enemies. Now that they're blatant and not even hiding it
Olive At Olive Garden, We're all family here. Our traditions, like unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks, have been enjoyed by many guests from all over the country and throughout the entire political spectrum. It has come to our attention that a few of our guests ken part in a viscous attack on our We have worked with the FBI and the Holiday Inn in C. to identify several guests who both frequented our restaurants and participated in the violent uprising against our government this week. It's over In response, Olive Garden has invalidated our Never Ending Pasta Pass for several guests and revoked a Lifetime Pasta Pass from Sean Hannity. arden dedicated to creating a safe and delightful environment for our guests with what we call Hospitaliano. This year has been difficult for many of us,
Cynthia Leive, the editor in chief of Glamour, asked Cheney if she had anything to say to critics like James Dobson, who has denounced same sex marriage and LGBT people raising children. Cheney accused Dobson of distorting the research he cited, and added Every piece of remotely responsible research that ha ears has shown there is no difference between children, opposite parents what matters is being raised in a stable, loving environment. She also said that Dobson was entitled to his opinion, but he's not someone whose endorsement I have ever drastically raised sought CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ed reP it Depression Related Children of Different Outcomes Family for Structures reP Children of Different Family Structures meme
Tim Pool Timcast bs After being told its a private company over and over by fake leftists defending censorship I had an epiphany about how wrong my past environmental activism was BP is a private company and can do what they want If you do not like oil spills start your own company to clean it up 222 11565 8,797 ty Tim Pool Timcast whats that you say No We must regulate these companies to protect the commons So that massive corporations can not control areas needed by all people Well why didnt you say so 3,358 JUST BAKE THE CAKE  JUST BAKE THE CAKE memes
AntiCommunist's Tri Cathalon Repub to Join Starts Ash Wednesday The Tri Catholon is a Three Part challenge for Lent of 2021. The goal is self improvement to be a better Christian, and be reborn yourself by this Easter. It focusus on mind, body, and spirit. Sundays off are at your discretion. Mind Take a second to be aware of your settings the second you enter a new environment. Slow down and think. Do not respond with anger to those around you. Do not be sarcastic or rude. Meditate and manage your anxiety. Avoid overindulging on anything from Alcohol to games. Some is OK but moderation is key. Body Do not do any drugs, and keep alcohol consumption below a buzzed level. Go light on any sweets and do not over endulge. Do not eat meat on Friday. Work out regularly. Doesn't have to be daily, a
3% We've temporarily limited some of your account features. Twitter Mr. Hut says Pizza rights What happened Creating a safer environment for people to freely express themselves is critical to the Twitter community, so if behavior that may violate the Twitter Rules is detected, certain account features become limited. We've detected some potentially abusive behavior from your account, so only your followers can see your activity on Twitter for the amount of time shown below. Learn more. Your account will be restored to full functionality in 12 hours and 0 minutes. The countdown will begin once you continue to Twitter. Continue to Twitter meme