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313 497 2730 Q  Add to contacts Block number Monday, October 12, 2020 It is not an overstatement to say that this is the most important election of our lifetimes. If Donald Trump wins re election, our great country will fall into even deeper chaos than it already has. Can we count on you to vote for Joe Biden for President PM Right, but it is an overstatement to say there's no business like show business. mean, even hibachi chefs put on a show, right I think it would be better to say there's no business like taxidermy. Hey, great conversation, thanks. PM memes

Addison Angel **Wear a mask**  Please do not call the police. You could put a BIPOC's life at risk by causing a police interaction. Just buy a new battery altrey aubviouslynot someone has now stolen my car battery lol I'm so tired, can I please catch a break ill Os Q Brado Truth ssbm th No one said anything about race  Addison Angel **Wear amask**  and y nmusapa it, Well we all know it wasn't a white person who took it. Whoever took it was in need, it's not like they're etaslinn ALmanAc memes

Just wanna say I'm a very forgiving person. Through these Gina Carano arguments, people seem to think I want her life to fall apart just because think she was asking to be fired. I love Mark Wahlberg and dude has legit committed hate crimes. I openly defend him when his past is brought because it's his past. He hates what he did more than anyone and deserves to he forgiven. hope she finds work and learns from this. I do not want anyone to suffer for their mistakes unless it's something absolutely reprehensible, which hers are far from memes

REUTERS LIFESTYLE FEBRUARY 11, 2021  AM  UPDATED A DAY AGO In Wuhan, last minute shopping and a return to normal on Lunar New Year eve By Reuters Staff f WUHAN, China  People thronged the streets of China's central city of Wuhan this week, as they made final preparations for the Lunar New Year to bring the curtain down on a year marred by the coronavirus pandemic that killed thousands. A girl wearing a face mask walks on a street decorated for Lunar New Year celebrations, following an outbreak of the coronavirus disease COVID 19 in Wuhan, Hubei province, China February 8, 2021. Song memes

Professor Wright Zero people die when a protestor shatters a Starbucks window. Tens of thousands die each year because the market denies them health care coverage. The state deems one of these a violent act, the other not. This is because capitalism values private property over human life memes

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Genuine self reflection allows us to see the evills and wrong acts we do in the shadows of our ego, beliefs, personal reputation, or intentions that one may perceive to be good to be awoken from our self imposed ignorance and laying down arms to amend our mistakes is to accept that one is merely human and not a faultless being thus, one must take responsibility for their own actions. Part of what makes that possible is listening to friends and family colleagues and acquaintances that can see past what we are blinded from. Anonymous MAKER memes

Why is COVID 19 such an issue in some areas and a slight inconvenience at most in others Why is COVID 19 such an issue in big cities Well it's quite simple Widespread poor hygiene. Cross referencing the cities most effected by COVID with cities that have the highest homeless ratios and it's obvious. These places are slums. Breeding grounds for pests and diseases. But this is not the homeless fault. They aren't choosing not to maintain hygiene, they have no choice. These slums have no running water or electricity, so staying clean becomes difficult. They were forced into this life after being broke for nearly a year due to COVID lockdowns. In a bitter twist of irony, the cities with the harshest measures against COVID became COVID hotspots as a direct result of said measures memes

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Dude hush. Their privilege is the fact that they didnt get shot storming capital grounds. Any other race would have been. No other race would have made it inside that building. And please tell me which constitutional right we white folks have lost And no one is on their side Welcome to the life of every innocent person of color this past year. Trump lost the election that was just as believable as the election he won. Get over it. Should've seen dis one coming from the half black bastard child in all of her pictures with no father present Should've seen dis one coming from the half black bastard child in all of her pictures with no father present memes

POST HUNTING SEASON SALE TERRIFIC BUY WINCHESTER only 9.95 SCOPE $9.95 Mount Free FREE AMMO  Box of military ammo included FREE with rifle purchase. Note Offer valid only if coupon below is enclosed with order 38 BARGAIN ENFIELD OF A COMMANDO LIFETIME REVOLVER $12.95 8 SHOT SWING OUT.22 6 SHOT REVOLVER DOUBLE DERRINGER res ONLY $19.95 WEBLEY MK. VI 45 REVOLVER $14.95 ITALIAN POCKET AUTO. 25 CAL.  $19.95 GUNSLINGERS Shiny Blue GUNSLINGERS TEXAN.22 38 SPECIAL BBL. REVOLVERS $39.95 bex of LEE ENFIELDS 4 303 CAL. $15.95 WITH scoPE $22.95 SPORTERIZED SPRINGFIELDS $3995 SWEDISH MAUSER CARBINE $29.95 NEW FRENCH $29.95 ToraL Paicr  UNDETERMINED GUNS JULY 1960 47 memes

Deplorable Now No, so he can not gain access to any post presidency bonuses like secret service and life pension, because he doesn't deserve literally anything after this shit show of 4 years. Where in law does it state a shit show is an impeachable offense Vote Now The impeachable offense is the insurrection he incited  Hello Are you guys THAT slow Not to mention attempting to persuade officials to overthrow a fair election by finding more votes. Your Fiiher is a cult leader, do not forget that too. He's a danger to our democracy and if Pence doesn't evoke the 25th, Congress should Impeach memes

Q Search Amazon 67% Thank you, your order has been placed. Please check your email for order confirmation and detailed delivery information or visit Message Center to review your notifications. Tuesday, Feb. 16 Estimated delivery Review or edit your recent orders Manage shipment notifications Shop on your amaynpayy favorite online stores Learn more a WY  Bought a gas mask today. Just an Airsoft one because it looks cool  Bought a gas mask today. Just an Airsoft one because it looks cool memes

Will stop the proliferation of these so called ghost guns by passing legislation requiring that purchasers of gun kits or printing code pass a federal background check. Additionally, Bjen will ensure that the They are actually going to try to regulate printer files. Democrats are detached from reality if they think this is going to work  They are actually going to try to regulate 3D printer files. Democrats are detached from reality if they think this is going to work memes

Anonymous I 749949132 2min. ago coo 22.8 kB JPG Be me, 25 gf works w the police force, so do i we make a list of kinky shit we want to do in our life. last week at check up get told I have terminal cancer family and of devastated remember list tell of we should do the top kinky thing on the list gf wants to have sex in the sewers mfw whatever, only 3 months to live anyway sneak out at night go to sewers have sex lets me cum in her shit was cash moral of the story is fuck the police coming straight from the underground memes