Ge CONSOLIDATION 1983 2011 In 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 In 2011, that same go . is companies controlled by 6 companies THESE SIX COMPANIES ARE bh VG GE NEWS DISNEY VIACOM TIME CBS Notable CORP Notable Notable WARNER Notable Properties Notable Properties Properties Notable Properties COMCAST Properties ABC MTV Properties SHOWTIME ESPN NICK JR CNN SMITHSONIAN PIXAR BET HBO UNIVERSAL WALL STREET PICTURES JOURNAL MIRAMAX CMT TIME FOCUS NEW YORK MARVEL PARAMOUNT WARNER FEATURES POST STUDIOS PICTURES BROS 60 MINUTES America is ran by Israel, China and like 10 corporations in trench coat  America is ran by Israel, China and like 10 corporations in a trench coat memes
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Lan Rapoport  RapSheet Former Wast. Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins has a visit with the Steelers today, sources say. Some potential QB depth and upside. The free agent and ex first round pick also recently visited the Panthers memes
Adrian Wojnarowski Nets are acquiring a 2024 second round pick in the deal from the Cavaliers, sources tell ESPN. For Cavaliers, Jarrett Allen solidifies their future at the center spot. Remember, he's only 22 years old. Sounds good to me Sounds good to me memes
FactorTree of Sadness UrinatingTree Freedom for Stafford. Beautiful, beautiful freedom.  Adam Schefter  AdamSchefter  And this from Detroit BREAKING NEWS FROM ADAM SCHEFTER In an arrangement the two sides have discussed and mutually agreed upon, the Lions and quarterback Matthew Stafford are expected to part ways this off season, with Detroit listening to trade offers for its former No. 1 overall pick starting this week, league sources tell ESPN memes