Stauker 1  murdering a guy in cold blood is one thing. Harming a child or innocent woman is a whole nother deal, one that even other criminals look down on. Edit yes, Innocents are Innocents, but it's the difference between kicking a cat and kicking a dog. Both are wrong, and so is murder, but it's a lot harder for a cat to fight back than a dog, do to the size difference. tod Strambutt 1 Award professionals have standards ah 4622 memes
Tom Brady really looked at the Bucs and said They're gonna call me GOAT even though this team has top 5 everything and I play painfully average football and I have 0 real rings because Belichick carried my entire career Reminder that anime Mikasa still REALLY looks like shit memes
English is inherently suited to speaking about Germanic paganism and consistently falls short when attempting to discuss any other faith, even IE faiths. To properly understand a faith you really ought to also understand the language which developed alongside it, even if you can not fully speak it. This does apply to English and Germanic paganism as well. Time has buried some key verbs and nouns and meanings behind what we still use that are needed for discu My favorite example is the complete lack of a future tense in English and how we talk about the future. Firstly, the very concept of future is a foreign concept we had to adopt to make more sense of Christianity. And it was an incomplete adoption since we still cannot truly speak about the future. All we can say is that something will,
My friends, even though the drums of War are calling we must not falter in our beliefs, If we act out in aggression we will lose the support of the people. Even our founding fathers tried a diplomatic approach first and only resorted to fighting when they had no choice. So keep a level head brothers, do not let the media or blm or anyone else tell us we are wrong, We will wait for them to make one wrong move then we will Show them why snakes have fangs and why we keep a rifle by our side meme
Is even an accurate or reliable ratio to start with The origin of is from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting UCR statistics 1. Technically, these stats give you for homicides and not all violent crime, and even these statistics show that black people were arrested for 38.7% of homicides 2 when you include thousands of homicides where the race of the perpetrator was unknown, so the people using should actually be using It's not even surprising that we do not know the race of many murderers around 40% of homicides go unsolved 3, a huge gap in the data. On top of this, when you use the 38.7% figure, this UCR data still has limitations for the following reasons 1. The statistic refers to arrests made, not convictions made. FBI Uniform Crime Reporting UCR stats are collected from law enforcem
TIME SUBSCRIBE Which States Have More College Graduates Red vs. Blue Red Blue 4 ye 30 They found that the education gap grew even larger, with blue states outpacing red states by 5.3 percentage points. All of the top 15 most college educated states and only 3 of the bottom 15 are blue. The most educated red state Kansas, meme
The idea is that this symbolism is found worldwide in various forms. In the Egyptian myths, there are seven nodes along the pole that supports the balance where the heart is weighed against the feather in the Judgment scene. The Swallower beast's snout cuts across the pole between the third and fourth node, and the judgment seat is also positioned at that level. Joseph Campbell outlined the various forms, which mythologists call, an elementary idea, in his The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space. It is sometimes shown as the midpoint of seven, such as 35 years in the life of a man of three score years and ten, which was the approximate age of Jesus and the Buddah at the times of their important. I began to find other 3 and references in the Bible, some involving dreams and coincidences. the 42 mo
Featured  Nobody important subseribe She's leaving boys. Do not care if this gets featured or not. Wish me luck. Ow She's leaving nigga you got her acamo ing you are lucky that she even agreed in the first place  She's leaving nigga you got her a camo ring you are lucky that she even agreed in the first place  meme
Br Was Q even real 6 minutes ago I'm starting to question whether or not the things I percieve to be real are real. Maybe my family hasn't been yelling at me and brainwashed by antifa. Maybe we were brainwashed. Q is an anonymous person  idea. I'm not even sure if they're a person or not. But we do not have a face to follow just a name. Not even. Just a letter. My family has people they follow. They put their faces out there. They're not hiding in a room typing on a computer about stuff that hasn't seemed to happen. Maybe we were wrong Maybe I was wrong meme