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All Images News Maps Shopping All Regions Safe Search Moderate Any Time New York Rabbi Arrested for Selling Thousands of Foreskins NY NEW YORK NEW YORK RABBI ARRESTED FOR SELLING THOUSANDS OF FORESKINS ON CRAIGSLIST A New York rabbi known for his ultra Orthodox stance on circumcision is facing charges stemming from a number of complaints received by the New York Police Department. New York rabbi arrested for selling thousands of foreskins Rabbi Aaron Zayin was arrested last week after exchanging messages with a federal agent posing as a Craigslist user interested in purchasing fresh baby foreskins, according to the criminal complaint. New York rabbi arrested for selling thousands of foreskins Rabbi Zayin is believed to have sold an estimated 5,200 foreskins since 2015 when he started selli
The Buccaneers embody Tampa's love of pirates. Is that a problem By Jamie L.H. Goodall February 5 at AM CT How brutal outlaws became romanticized A view of the pirate ship Jose Gasparilla ahead of Su per Bowl LV Mike Ehrmann Getty Images On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV at Ray mond James Stadium in Tampa  the first time a team has played a Super Bowl at their home stadium. And the Buccaneers name and logo are a true reflection of the city hosting the game, trumpeting its close association with pi rate legends, like Jos Gaspar, namesake of an annual Tampa Festival. When the National Football League expanded memes
Dan O'Donnell  DanODonnellShow While President Biden was attending ceremonies today, 8,000 Americans died of COVID 19 on his watch. Hey CNN, am doing it right I'm new to this. PM  Twitter for iPhone 0 td Dan O'Donnell  DanODonn Replying to DanODonnellShow And now he's holding a celebrity party with Tom Hanks while everyday Americans are suffering. Am I doing this right, WashingtonPost CN aas AM ODA ARA an memes