Anonymous ID El Screencap This 27 41 No 302528106 OFF Joe Biden has been arrested. The deep state is in disarray and has struck a deal with the Trump administration. There will be an experimental surgery that will exchange the faces of Biden and Trump. So when you watch Biden's inauguration you will really be watching Trump being sworn in for a second term. And when you are watching the Trump trials that is really Biden paying for his crimes. Also when Trump as Biden stammers or slurs his words, that's because Trump is still learning to duplicate his speech patterns. Facts, do not be fooled by the liberal deepstate  Facts, do not be fooled by the liberal deepstate memes
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Aloverus I'm wanting to Pavlov myself by masturbating to the same thing every day for a week Any ideas on what it should be MegaMert id at Something you didn't like before What do you think of fat girls All ideas welcome, this will be my experiment.  All ideas welcome, this will be my experiment memes
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When you play When you play survivor killer Ruin is well hidden Ruin will pop in 2 min and will take if you picked at least 5 min Undying, it will pop first before someone then ruin pop in 1 min cleanse it if you fell in beartrap, you wont escape before trapper come to pick you from Survivors need only one or two tries to escape from beartrap Killer always hit you when I You never hit a survivor you vault or drop a pallet II when they vault or drop a pallet actually, you are always stunned by a pallet you are often matched with you always face strong ess experimented survivorsI survivors with meta but against strong killer perk tier 3 you push dead hard button} you always fell in dead hard but it never work if you pick OS. you are when you choose to slugged If you dont pick tunnel, you hav