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9 comments Why is it vegans always think th Howeryanow Because Vegans never listen to their vegetables elicit tiny screams when they boil or steam them. Some scientists did an experiment with This  think it's on YouTube. Matters VegetablesLives VeganEatingMurderers lamStrangeMayhern Because meat is murder to them  freddie freaker official I've killed real people in combat.  That's not murder though, reply to Howeryanow say something funny STE goou memes
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MYSTERIESRUNSOLVED A man named Al Bielek, who claimed to be a test subject of various secret US Military Experiments, said that on August 12, 1943, the US Navy carried out an experiment called the Philadelphia Experiment on the USS Eldridge, at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, after installing special equipment on it. In this test, they allegedly send the ship and all its crew members 10 minutes back in time, making it apparently invisible, and then bring them back to the present time. As a consequence, many of the sailors onboard went insane, many lost their memory, some were engulfed in flames to their deaths, and others molecularly bonded with the ship's metal structure. However, according to Bielek, he and his brother, who were aboard the experiment ship at the time, jumped off just be