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BIG LEAGUE WELLNESS GOP Congressman Proposes Bribing Americans with Stimulus Money to Take Experimental COVID Vaccines How is this fiscally conservative Published 14 hours ago on Jan 22, 2021 By Shane Trejo take our poll  story continues below Thanks GOP very cool  Thanks GOP, very cool meme
Al woman once dpproached Winston Chu at a party and said Sir, you are drunk Churchill, with bis trademark wit, replied I may be drunk, but at least I'm not turning int werewolf Then Churchill took look at what he was drinking. To bis surprise, it wasn't alcobol, but ajar labelled Experimental Werewolf Formula, AWOOO said Churchill, as he turned into werewolf. Stephen King, The Curse of Werewolf Churchill memes
Early stage trials of Johnson and Johnson's experimental coronavirus vaccine show it generated an immune response in nearly all volunteers, with minimal side effects, after a single dose CNN a few seconds generates promising immune response in early trial CNBC 8 minutes meme