One of my favorite kids ever. Jameson Uploaded via Facebook Exporter for Photo. Adde Comment Like David Uhm did you guys give him a blunt He looks pretty high Just saying. Haha. Yesterda 12pm Report Mia He has down's syndrome, David. Yesterday at Report meme
Deactivating Your Facebook Account Deactivating your account will disable your profile and remove your name and photo from most things you've shared on Facebook. Some information may still be visible to others, such as your name in their friends list and messages you sent. This is temporary. I'll be back. I spend too much time using Facebook. I have a privacy concern. My account was hacked. I do not feel safe on Facebook. I do not understand how to use Facebook. I get too many emails, invitations, and requests from Facebook. I do not find Facebook useful. I have another Facebook account. Other, please explain further The platform is biasly oppressive of freedom of expression memes
93DI0R You get payed a year to live here with unlimited food, but you have to live with your Would you do it  Wholesome AF Memes Comments Done  t's go th Like Reply 10 Replied Reply TENOR th Like Reply is Write a comment comment Definitely yes. My  is my daughter Like Reply cont think that would be a problem xx Like Reply lets go th Like Reply you in  ih Like Reply  an let's go shun th Like Reply plied 1 Reply II lit th Like Reply Replied  2 Replies let's go  Like Reply Which one of you is responsible for this wholesome Facebook moment  Which one of you is responsible for this wholesome Facebook moment
Mark Kogan page Dear all facebook friends ple ase REPORT this group for indecent content. womenBlack men Dear all facebook friends ple th Like Page John locchelli Why Mark Kogan It's essentially promoting genocide. There are not too many Jewish people. If we keep intermarrying then there will be even fewer of us in the future meme
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Accompanying the photo of the newspaper is a post from the Facebook user, in which she suggests there is a link between the teaser and the Nov. 9, 2020 announcement from pharmaceutical company Pfizer that its vaccine for COVID 19 is more than 90% effective here . She writes  PRINTED IN 2011. LOOK AT WHAT IT SAYS WHAT DAY WAS THE VACCINE announced by Bill Gates. CAN PEOPLE please see this pandemic wasn't natural it was and we keep trying to tell you. There is, however, no evidence of a link between the newspaper's publication date, the teaser and the date of the Pfizer announcement and this does not prove that the pandemic was planned. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 SARS CoV 2 is the name of the virus that causes the disease COVID 19 here . It was identified by Chinese auth
What Facebook is really telling us. Inauguration Updates e Joe Biden has taken the presidential oath of office. We won get over it e Biden is the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris is the Vice President  the first woman, Black person and South Asian American in that role. We're really reaching e A heavy security presence was in place for the swearing in, including thousands of members of the National Guard. We're afraid of the yee yee boys e Former Vice President Mike Pence attended he i ion. the Inauguration. Mike Pence was there meme