Fake memes

Who would win Boomer Fake Tough Guy LESS BULLETS, MORE BRAINS. THE STRONG DON'T NEED GUNS. GUNS ARE TOOLS OF THE WEAK. IF YOU DISAGREE IT'S OK, YOU'RE WRONG. HENRY ROLLINS some rando from Brazil SI What makes someone who is so skilled in unarmed self defense feel the need to own firearms Royce Graciej What if there's more than one DON'T NEED GUNS. person What if the adversary is armed If it's just one guy who's not armed, yeah, I can take care of him. But what if he pulls a gun What if there's more than one attacker and they have knives What happens if there's a terrorist WITH ME, attack I've got a mentality that I'm going to try to stop an attack no matter what, but if he's got a gun, that's suicidal if I'm not armed. Also, if a criminal is attacking other people, it's not HENRY ROLLINS a