Palmer Report Conservatives CANNOT be teachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers, coaches, or bosses. It's constitutionally unfair to others who are subjected to the conservative's deranged judgment. Conservatives can do menial work, until they're ready to join the human race. PM Jun 15, 2020 Twitter for That dehumanization just hits different meme

Illegal immigration from Asia rises while Mexican population falls Beneath those numbers, though, are significant shifts. Illegal immigrants from Mexico fell from 7.6 million to 5.5 million, while unauthorized Asian migrants nearly doubled from 866,000 to 1.5 million. Central American illegal immigrants rose some 300,000, to reach 1.8 million. It really do not be feeling good get replaced. I see that now  It really don't be feeling good getting replaced. I see that now  memes

Thinking abt immortality and how meticulously you'd have to keep track of all of your s*** so some nosy historian didnt spot your old journal or coat or copy of a book and call an infuriating time based finders keepers It's two hundred years old they say. It's essentially public property they say. It's a letter you sent to your friend and it's ina museum now and you're screaming galwednesday Why are vampire stories always I Want To Drink The Sexy Neck Milkshake and never two vampires texting about the passionate letter one wrote to the other in 1863 but never sent that the other just saw in the Smithsonian's fall exhibition on Love Through the Ages and what the f***, Claude, why didn't you say anything memes

Johnny Depp's New Movie Bombs, Earned Less Than $15,000 At Box Office Scott Campbell 3 hours ago VOUMAYLIKE THIS Next Up You can not say that Johnny Depp's army of fans do not have his back, as they continue with their unwavering support for the fallen star, although they've sometimes veered a little too far into fanatical territory. A petition to force the creators behind the Animaniacs revival to apologize for an outdated joke based or Lets go Support Johnny with his new movie  Lets go support Johnny with his new movie memes

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ONCE THE U.S. FALLS, THERE WILL BE A LOT OF STUPID FUCKING LEFTIST WHO REALIZE JUST HOW IMPORTANT AND GREAT OUR COUNTRY WAS. SADLY IT WILL BE TOO LATE. THEY HAVEN'T SEEN REAL OPPRESSION BUT THEY WILL SOON all sanctions. We will verity if it has been done properly. If yes, we will go back to our JCPOA commitme The post U.S. era has started. Qm 7.1 hamenei.ip eregimes biggest mistake is thaythey spend meme