DC Fans United Just watched WW84 finally. What a poor execution of a story with potential. I kinda wanna unsee it. Only Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord was the good thing. Both  and  Steve Trevor were highly underused. Gal Gadot was decent at most. Story ruined it all. Seriously, you do not need to be heavy on point of Sending a Message to make it remarkable or Memorable movie. Just be honest with your characters  and  basics than preaching Love  and  Wisdom forcefully. Plus many things like Diana suddenly flying, Invisible Jet  and  than Lasso of Truth defying gravity  and  physics didn't sit well with we Like how did that even happen  Too many plot holes  and  scenes with no logic at all. And it pissed me the most when they used Beautiful Lie track on the wrong time.  Overall  Only because
The New York Times nytimes Photo via nytimes 2 hours ago Jobless women selling nudes on OnlyFans are struggling to pay bills OnlyFans, a social media platform that allows people to sell explicit photos of themselves, has boomed during the pandemic. But competition on the site means many won't earn much. The New York Times nytimes As the pandemic devastated sections of the economy, particularly those dominated by women, some turned to OnlyFans to make money. The platform for selling explicit photos has boomed, but competition on the site means earnings are far from guaranteed meme
Anonymous Tue No.61836789 be you making minimum wage struggle to get up every morning have bills to worry about 154 KB JPG be Nikado Avocado making millions of dollars per year by eating a bunch of shit on camera struggles to get out of bed every morning, not cause hes sad, but because he physically cant has an onlyfans to pay the bills Nikado gets paid to be a fat sack of shit while we are all doing it for free memes
Soph plutocult Replying to KEEMSTAR I love seeing trump fans cry. It's my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Their pain is the only reason i'm still alive, I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved PM Twitter for iPhone meme
CUMICBUURANUBETUND Fans Furious Over Cara Dune From The Mandalorian And Other Female Characters In Stai Chapter Pam imagine if halfway through Die Hard, john McClane met a buff snarky woman that beats him up, then starts doing everything cool for him. Wouldn't that be better Comic Book Resources  Cara Dune Triggers Outrage By Being Female in Star Wars 18 agenda pushing Mary Sue STAR WARS MANDAI ceTs The Mandalorian Episode 4 I Woke Garbage New plan, give me the pulse rifle TheManda is scared by the AT ST He hands his gun over to Cara and watches her single handedly taking it down. He comes afterwards to throw a pathetic grenade at the already defeated Walker The Mandalorian Episode 4 Review I Woke Garbage of Film views hours ago meme
NR I had decided to go out camping for a weekend. I hadn't really spent much time out in the woods in the last few years, even though I used to love camping. I do not know, things just started adding up, I got distracted, and it all just led to me not having time be able to go out and spend a night or two among the trees under For this I was thinking something along the lines of something not human, like Ghosts, Nekos, really anything that isn't just another normal person. Let me hear your ideas, please. Something unnatural or supernatural is preferred. I'm a straight male and only play as such. Tristan  Male  Straight  21 Years Old  Lean Build Medium Long Length Dark Brown Hair  Brown Eyes me I have a rules page on my account. Please read through it before chatting me to make sure we woul