Anonymous No.321224038 The song is about the JFK assassination. The diver of the car he as assassinated in's name was Samuel Kickin Kickin inthe front seat sittin in the back seat  The assassination occurred on a Friday. and when he was shot the Secret Service yelled at Jackie Kennedy to get down  got to get down on Friday parts about the cold war and the spread of Communism are reffenced everybody's Russian and to top it all of, in and the hotel toast that moming JFK Bran dectined Flakes a instead breakfast got to of have sausage my bow and toast for a bow of Bran Flakes instead got to have my bow got to have cereal . Also. the following Monday JFK was supposed to ign bill into law requiring all public schools to provide bus transportation for thew students. Got to catch my bus  Jandernip
Founding Titan Literally controls all titans Colossal Titan Enormous Cool steam attacks Basically a nuclear bomb while transforming Armored Titan Super hard and cool looking armor all.I over it's body I War Hammer Titan Makes weapons out of hardening Remote controlled Jaw Titan Strong jaws can even bite through hardening Small and fast Beast Titan I Good at throwing stuff Monke Cart Titan Great stamina Can stay a titan for months I Attack Titan Memories or something Basically just a really big dude Female Titan Tits meme