Fe meme

RETWEET in 30 seconds and you will hear the BEST news of your LIFE BURN BAGEL BURN OH WHY NOT I need to follow up to say I reblogged this last night, and this morning I got some of the best news of my life, like, a life dream come true news thing. Bagel what are your powers FUCK, I though it was just another lucky meme but LISTEN. Since a week ago I was waiting a phone call to confirm me if I got a job or not in my university. I reblogged this yesterday's night just for fun and because I do not want any bagel to be mad with me , and today's afternoon, while I was losing my time as always, the professor I was supposed to work with called me and asked me for my personal information to start working with her. THE BAGEL POWERS ARE WAY TOO MUCH FOR THIS WORLD Mmmmmmm  Mmmmmmm