UR DRAGON LEVIANEER Cannot be Normal Must first be Special Summoned from your hand by banishing 3 LIGHT DARK monsters from your Graveyard. When Summoned this way You can activate this effect apply the following effect, based on the of the monsters banished for the Special Summon, also this card cannot attack for the rest of this turn. Only LIGHT Special Summon 1 monster from your Graveyard in Defense Position. only DARK Shuffle 1 random card from your opponent's hand into the Deck. Both LIGHT and DARK Destroy up to 2 cards on the field. ou can only use this effect of Chaos Dragon Levian DEF I've pulled him and the Rank 8 Heretic xyz in 3 multis and got the Blue Eyes deck. Shits lit once hammer it out  I've pulled him and the Rank 8 Heretic xyz in 3 multis and got the Blue Eyes deck. Shits
My ancestors, watching me dump an entire stick of cinnamon, two cloves, an allspice berry, and a generous grating of nutmeg into my tea, sweetened with white sugar and loaded with cream, while I sit in my clean warm house surrounded by books, 25 outfits for different occasions, and 6 pairs of shoes, in a building heated so well I have the windows open in mid autumn Our daughter prospers. We are proud of her. She has never labored in a field but knows riches we could not have imagined. I like this so much better than the idea that our ancestors would be embarrassed or ashamed of us for being soft or some crap like that meme
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