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CAN YOU IMAGINE THE CHAOS OF BEING CALLED UP IF WE END UP GOING TO WAR 1939  *All men 18 or over must fight* Couspy Esragit 2020  RAD Vegans  I'm not fighting if you do not have vegan alternative rations Non binary  I do not identify with war Transgender  I'm not bunking with men *was born a man* Snowflakes I'm offended. Feminist protesters  *All of a sudden do not want to be treated the same as men* lnstagram influencers  hi so I'm just here on the front line, big thanks to Fashionova for these combat ready jeans that make my ass look good  LGBT protesters  I'm not wearing came, I won't hide am Yep we fucked meme

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Warrior gay pick one RIP In Pepperort A man fighting for a man at home will never have the determination that a man fighting for a woman and the protection and upkeep of his bloodline will. RIP in Pepperoni id Sacred Band of Thebes FA The Sacred Band of Thebes Ancient Greek lepoc Aoyoc. Hieros Lokhos was a troop of select soldiers. consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite force of the Theban army in the century BC. ending Spartan domination. Its predominance began with its crucial role in the Battle of Leuctra in 371 BC. OUT THAT LEONIDAS WHEN IS KINGDOM WAS DEFEATED BY BUNCH OF memes