2,014 comments This kid in school used to always tease me. We go into fights a lot. But nothing that ever got really serious. I hated him tho. Turns out a couple months later. He and his whole family got in a car crash on the way back from a basketball ball game. The car had flipped and he was decapitated. Crazy eyeNeega 122 Livengood19 1.4K meme
While acceleration may currently be happening at like Mach 5, do not expect anything more than sporadic political physical fightsfattacks during 2021. 2022 will probably be the historical breaking point. However it could be this year. All depends on what the elites do. I give it 7 months to 2 years memes
Average anti Humble soviet movement fan government enjoyer Doesn't allow foreign Yelling that bolsheviks betrayed interventionists by himself Russia, but splitting it with foreign capital in country and beats outlandish invaders Wants to return landowners and Forms a state of new capitalists, meanwhile telling type, fights for soviet tales about freedom authority Doesn't have any Respected by people, people's support, the every peasant woman size of army is small wants to marry him meme