Lucas Langley Age 22 6 4 Dom Straight When Lucas was young he lost his mom to a car accident. Growing up he spent a lot of time with his dad out on the ocean. His dad loves the sea and always thought of himself as an amateur treasure hunter. Sasly when Lucas was 17 he and his dad were out on the boat and decides to go diving. While they were down exploring the water his dad got caught in a current and taken away. Lucas spent all his remaining time in the dive searching with no luck. His called the emergency services ans even they couldnt find his dad. He finished high school and ended up opening a resturant out on the pier. He still enjoys going out and diving and will occasionally take people out diving. He honors his dad by diving at wrecks and bringing up a little trinket from each meme
Hi David, BUY I wanted to reach out to you following this morning's class. I really appreciated your contributions to our discussion, but felt that I should follow up with you. I noticed that, during class, you appeared to consume an entire chocolate cake. Normally I would never be one to police my students eating habits, but I reviewed the class recording and you finished the whole thing in 43 seconds. I'm pretty sure I watched you unhinge your jaw like some kind of snake. Is everything going okay at home Is your jaw okay Please let me know if I can be of any support. Best, mematic meme
Literally nothing is funnier than just living your life with a cat ina sweater vest. constantly feels like he's about to offer to do my taxes BB surprisedentistry i was trying to finish this post while he sat on the bar stool next to mine beeping at me for attention, and when the attention didn't come quickly enough he put his paws on my shoulder and slapped me in the face which is, again, infinitely funnier when your cat is wearing a sweatervest BB surprisedentistry im being bullied by the world's smallest accountant memes
Jimmy Nature is weird af, just watched a beetle climb a big ass tree, fight like 5 other beetles and throw them off said tree. He then proceeded to mate with the female at the top and once he finished this dude just yeeted her off the fuckin tree too. The beetle My goals re beyond your understanding meme
QINAGINE UHIROMICATTY REING. A.JEW Amitai Adler  rabbiadler May 25 OK, true story I went to Rome for the tat time, and went to the Forum. When I saw Titus Arch, was seized by rage and loathing, and loudly formally cursed Titus name, first in Hebrew, then in Aramaic, finally in Latin, finishing by spitting on the Arch. and  Amitai Adler } rabbiadler rabbiadler Replying to rabbiadler and inkasrain There was a group of Italian tourists looking at me like, WTE is the deal with this crazy Jew But I didn't care cursing Titus and spittin Cgy gy as immensely satisfying, in some de of the soul. PM May 25, 2020 Twitter for meme