Text Message Today Good morning This is with the Indiana Army National Guard. I'm reaching out to educate as many people as possible about our benefits 100% College Tuition, low cost health insurance, student loan repayment, $12,500 bonus. Those are just a few, all for serving one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer. Could you or anyone you know benefit from this information Thank you for your time Yo hey man that sounds like a hell of a deal man, you selling like new and used cars too Delivered Yo hey man that sounds like a hell of adeal man, you selling like new and How many lamas are under the hood Do you know the alpacas an hour it can go At leeeeast 500 Llamapower. Top speed is 250 Alpaca and hour. it also has the twin goat turbo deal id we just become fucking frien We sure Fr
Orthodoxy in the west has developed some sort of heresy defense mechanism where it labels anything estern roman as evil. I suspect it because the Clergy are worried about converts bringing uch influences. he Orthodox Church does have a history of borrowing minor things usually terminology and fitting them with Orthodox meaning and grafting them into an orthodox ramework. Perhaps this is because these things were prior to the Orthodox Jerusalem Synod, and the First atican Council But this IS NOT akin to adopting western philosophy or theology. The Orthodox Church has no desire or need ta learn anything from the non orthodox meme
White people are honestly so disgusting. They completely take over every country they infest with their greed and crimes that no one does anything about. They totally control every country and because of it get away with everything. Theyve taken so many lives due to their complete disregard for everyone else. They have a, pack mentality and only take care of their own, you cant trust them because in the end they'll always screw you over for profit. If this post pisses you off switch white with Jewish, does it still piss you off This is all stuff that has been said to me, and it's very rare someone who isnt Jewish will stand up against it. If you'd stand up against it when it's about white people stand up against it for all people meme