15965029 1823782704528885 2088726311223753541 n.jpg 130 KB JPG Story time folks Be me Trump supporter Trump sign outside to trigger mostly millennial college near by Constantly getting run over and pulled out Think of idea pic related  Plant nails and wait One day a woman comes to my door Fat, purple hair, 23 at most, red at the face and starts screaming at me about how it's my fault her tires are flat OhLordMySides.exe She says if I do not reimburse her for her tire she'll get the police involved Sudden Idea Tell her to leave her information so I can send her the check since I would need to go to the bank Actually does it Call my lawyer to set up the lawsuit Get my outside cameras to see her running over my sign Give her name address and car tags to confirm it was her car Take her to cour
Top proof that we are not a spinning ball. 100% unrefuteable proof of a flat 580 views  8 months ago Flat Earth THE BALL IS DEAD 1440 963 views  7 months ago Its Flat Guys, Its Flat. 2.1K views 6 months ago I was wrong. The Earth is NOT Flat. views 6 months ago I was so wrong. The Earth definitely isn't Flat. 3.4K views 6 months ago am an Ex Flat Earther. You are being manipulated by con men 3.5K views  5 months ago 17 50 meme
Adam Sharp AdamCSharp A playlist for conspiracy theorists 8. Maroon 7. Flat Eartha Kitt 6. 4 QAnon Blondes 5. Foster the Sheeple 4. The Birds Aren't Real 3. The Microchipped Vaccines 2. Huey Lewis and the Fake News 1. Simple Minds AM  TweetDeck memes
It's been quite the interesting build up to War Games far as we've seen and an even mere interesling 2021 as the Tag Tille is continuing to heal up by the day Which leads us into introducing our next guesis They wen the titles at All Fer One against D.I. Die. and face their challenge against BRCC at WarGames Please welcome via satellite, The Undisputed Bros WWETheBump BRO Look how big we look on the screen We're like giants or something. It's just a flat screen man. Hey everyone, it's great to be here with you all It's great to have you all on the show Now, normally we'd ask you a bunch of questions and all that but it actually said in your email that you have something to reveal to us. Do you two want to go into that Wait you told them already Matt, come on man That was supposed to be a s
Itoy Anonymous No.8677314 my Christmas experience be me an 18 year old autistic kid who likes stuff animals tell my older brother about these round seal plush toys from japan KB JPG that are really cute brother probably not paying too much attention I assumed so I forgot I told him fast forward to December 25th brother hands me a flat package think it's a shirt or something I open it up I find a very flattened small version of the seal pillow I told him about I am very happy and tell him how much I love it thanks brother memes
4. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD  children under yrs. can. broken choke or suffocate on uninflated or required broken balloons, Adult Supervision required  Keep broken balloons from children Discard broken balloons at onc A, CAUTION is toy for children under years, point for is toy contains a functional sharp point for the us under the care supervislon ofan adult. Take extra care during unpacking and se memes