Opponents Turn, When your opponent's Digimon is moved ffom the breeding area to the battle area, that Digimon gets This Digimon checks 3 fewer security cards for the turn Your Turn, All of your opponent's Security Digimon get 3000 DP. SAKUYAMON For theflyingacrobat  For theflyingacrobat meme
Author's Warning ou will notice in just a second that this book actually ins on page 145, Do not be alarmed this is not a mis wake Do not try to get your money back. You didn't miss anything, It's just that I know when I'yz reading, I love being smack in the middle of the book. Pages behind me, pages ahead of me. It's too overwhelming to know there's so much left and you're only on page 8, This way, you can read the book for two minutes, and if anybody asks you how far along you are you can say, T'm on 151 and it's really flying. It just sails, baby. You'll feel like you're accomplishing something, and Get credit for writing a bigger book. Everybody wins, and it costs us nothing meme