ELECTRIC DRAGON DracozoltLv. 100 Sand Rush Choice Band ROCK DARK I Tyranitar Lv. 100 Sand Stream Life Orb GRASS FAIRY Whimsicott Lv. 100 Prankster Focus Sash Bolt Beak Dragon Claw Horsepower Rock Slide Protect {MHigh Horsepower Rock Slide Assurance Hand Moonblast Protect Tailwind Ravioli Team ID FIGHTING Sirfetch'd Lv. 100 Scrappy Leek STEEL 4 DRAGON Duraludon Lv. 100 Stalwart Weakness Policy 4 DRAGON PsycHic Latias Lv. 100 Levitate Assault Vest 0000 001 KM7V Close Combat Leat Blade Poison Jab Protect Protect Flash Cannon dark Puise Draco Meteor Wind Psychic Draco Meteor Bulldoze Back memes
PRAYER God, You are mighty and awesome There is no one like You or beside You. You alone are God, and You alone are worthy of my worship. Today, choose to reflect on Your character and focus on what know to be true You are great, and You are in control. In Jesus name, Amen memes
ONWEALTH CLUB Empathy does not change what you believe. It changes* how you engage what you believe CON WEALTH CLUB The extent to which we focus so much on making people agree with us  we're going to lose. ANWEALTH I do not need you to agree, I just need you tedo what I need you to do w's UB  Empathy is about finding the human connection thatemakes you think that's good FFCUmMMUNWOALIA CLUD In Georgia th legislation that Republicans we trying to move ms for about 2,5 years, and we Democrats blocked it CUIMIMIUINVVCALIPT CLUD CLU COMMONWEALTH CLUB Not because soddenly Had more numbers, but I went to talk to members of the Tea Party. CALI CLUD I did not try them that climate change was real. They do not believe it CUIMMIUINVV CALI IT CLUD CLU I convinced them that property values are real. A
This is the truth about Rejection in life Some people will not want to be your friend So focus on the friends who love and appreciate you and believe in you Some Career paths you try to study in college will not work out But do not give up find what is right for you and you will succeed'in life Some People who you want a relationship with will hurt you Some will reject you, others abuse, cheat, lie, wistead you You must remember you deserve a man who cherishes you, is kind, appreciates you and show you mean the World to him You must remember to find a man who loves you completety, your best friend, who is Christlike, who compliments you and makes you happy People will judge us, veject but Christ will lead you to the people who will love you and cheer you on Trust Christ he makes rejections