162 INCHES MORE Vision PASSMASTER ENGINE ELECTROMATIC AERO ORIVE LONGER CAR A 100 MILE TRIP in your smart new 1941 Packard, chances are 20 of those miles will cost younothing for gasoline andall 100ofthemwill be far and away the most pleasant miles you've ever driven Soundlikeamotoring miracle Itis A miracleknown asthe Packard Acro Drive. And it works like this Heading out of town, you pick up speed and a green light on the dash flashes on. That's the si WEW ACKARD the of 14 LowER SAME HEADROOM Mlustrated the new Packard One Deluxe Touring Sedan RUNKING BOARDS OPTIONAL MULTI TONE COLOR HARMONIES LARGER LOW PRESSURE TIRES AR GLIDE RIDE AIR CONDITIONING. AND 53 OTHER NEW FEATURES into Aero Drive. You lift your foot from the throttle and immediately start to get a dividend of one mile free in