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UNSTABLE ROVALE This is a follow up to my original Unstable Royale concept. People seemed to be pretty interested in the modifiers, so decided to make a follow up with more modifiers and brief descriptions STEADY STORM The Storm is constantly closing in at a steady rate PEPPER DASH Everyone always has the pepper speed boost applied 4 LOW of GRAVITY this Variations of this could be very low, high, and very high gravity FOG OF WAR There is fog y, SNOW Winterfest Hard to see STORM during 2019 storm phase like in Winterfest 2019 DOUBLE HEALTH Variations of this could be double shield and half KEVIN'S REVENGE Cube Monster spaumers generate like in Fortnitemares 2018 FLOOR IS LAVA Lava rises up from below, maybe a potential Floor is Water variation GROUND GAME Low resource caps like in the Groun

Fortnite  In Fortnite Battle Royale Lobby  16 Players Feb 11, 2021 Tasty 5.24 PM We didnt save u bc u didn't even try to save me while on and hook Bad teammate King Luka 559 PM Lol i was doing gens, 1 person at gens at all times, i finished the last gen a didnt run even though i knew he was coming because of terror radius gg TypicalTasty PM Na teamwork makes the dreamwork lol gg King Luka 559 PM Lol ya i know, i healed an did gens lo gg Am wrong   Am I wrong meme

As many of you know, I had a kidney transplant. There were several fundraisers for it, and Preston Simpson, an amazing man and family friend did a stand up comedy show that raised several thousand dollars for my family and I. Early this afternoon he lost his second battle with cancer. He died without pain, even having a few laughs with his loved ones in his final hours. He was one of the kindest people ive ever been fortunate enough to meet and spend time with. Rest in Peace, you will be missed  and meme