And  Arkham Asylum 31 members My mom started calling my TheDemonLady cat her only grandchild It's bad boo, you can buy a wife online Come here kitten Astrochungus will murder you I hate my life Dont ever make me say kitten again Killing myself right now Achieving ultimate kekmaxxing. Funniest shit I've ever read  Achieving ultimate kekmaxxing. Funniest shit I've ever read memes
Storytime with yura episode 2 the pagan witch classmate Back in freshman year, i was friends with this tumblrina, pagan, nonbinary kid. She was weird but honestly at the time, i was just really happy to have someone talk to me. I have a really hard time approaching people so it was nice for someone to make the first move. it was really chill in the beginning. actually didnt know she was a witch at first. i actually remember the first time she told me, and i honestly thought it was a joke until i saw her wiccan stuff on her tumblr. Ive never in my life met a pagan at that point, so honestly thought it was the funniest thing ever. me and my sister would actually scroll through her tumblr at home because this was just hilarious concept to us both. It was just a normal lunch hour, i was sittin