Step 1 invade le foreign country under pretext of stopping bad people Step 2 destroy everything they have, label civilian I deaths as accidents, and cover it up, commiting worse crimes then the previous regime SS Step 4 call for sympathy when the people get radicalised and then blame it on their religion I PROBLEM, ISLAMIC SPHERE Step 3 occupy them for years replacing their elected gov with a despot, and raise a generation of kids to know nothing but to despise you memes
To me, one of the worst and most unintuitive sayings that has ever been put across is, life isn't fair. For the most part, it's used in times where the problem is within the people. This phrase is an excuse to be lazy. Life can be fair if you put enough energy to make it fair, but some find making it fair is just too tiring. When someone uses this phrase, there is almost always room to be fair. The term, life isn't fair has been used as a crutch for generations by people who either simply cannot put competent energy into anything that crosses their path, or someone who enjoys taking advantage of people's perception of the principal. Do not be the one who falls victim to control disguised as a fate. It isn't meant to be. You can truly change a lot meme
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Ruinedchildhood GEN ACTUAL BOOMER IN BOOMER  WHY MY LIFE IS HARD bi} luviatgs Generations Older Genz 1946 1964 1981 1996 2006 1997 2005 Baby Boomers Younger Genz} Source The NPO Waves Younger Millennial For all of you who are confussed demitherobosexual Oh breakaway71 As an older millennial, I bless the people who created both the meme and the timeline because, YES, THIS
Dave Smith ComicDaveSmith might be showing my age here but remember when adults used to say to kids no one likes a tattletale I think we need to bring that shit back. I think a generation of kids never heard that and are now adult tattletales wondering why no one likes them.  Twitter for iPhone Omerta Omerta meme
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Li The notion of divine energies is present in scripture because if we trace the concept of energy from Aristotle we find the term used by Saint Paul. The unity of God, the person of Christ, the nature of grace from the Spirit are all described in the context of God's Energiea. Going into pro Nicene theology from Paul we see through Tertullian, Origen, etc leading up the the Nicene formula of God's Power and the eternal generation of the son. There's great ecclesial evidence from the holy tradition like scripture and the councils to support the concept of energies from an eastern perspective. The use of energies in western scripture like the Latin vulgate and some of the western Fathers, there's a more sparse use.  Fathers, there's a more sparse use memes