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Se e. French soldiers take cover from an artillery shell in a trench outside Fort de la Pompelle, Reims, France, 1915. French soldiers take cover from an artillery shell in a trench outside Fort de la Pompelle, Reims, France, 1915 memes
Neogermany last seen just now today AM MLK wasa* Christian and ar' 'te Segregation is literally far left wing and anti religious today AM Not sure what you're going on about MLK wasn't a Christian I do not care about where he falls on the political spectrum. I say this because he made explicit denials of Christ's divinity, virgin birth, resurrection, etc. If you can not in good conscience affirm the apostles creed or especially the Nicene creed you are simply and strictly speaking something other than Christian He made no such claims Lol all of that is nonsense claims made by r He was a Christian divinity jesus Read his own words l've read that before Doesn't say anything against any of it If you're not theologically illiterate you must admit this is outside of historical orthodoxy and des