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She Took Pics Of Overweight Kids In School Ridiculed Them. But Never Knew Her Dad Would React Like This. My daughter Callies, tome, one ofthe sweetest people know. she gets good grade, has lovely friends, loving and stil daughter. finds time have to never bea wonderful ground her loving daughter. have never ha to ground her high schoo, and she had never given me eeason beliewe she is ating out. a single dad of 3 gets tough, but thought we were ding okay allies the oldest. 1 gota phone cal from a crying mother today telling me that my daughter was involved in and her harassing another gie at her school, calie and her frlends took pictures of the gil in Funny poses, such her as bending overt pick showing. something The gil is up and over her butt erack was showing. The gil is over weight and