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Orhan Miroglu Q Orhan Miroglu Jan 22 at AM  Gecenlerde konustugum bir Kurt dostum sdyledi,ciddi olduguna inanmak zor olsa da, amacin ne oldugunu tahmin etmek zor degGil, birileri diyormus ki,Biden'in gergek ismi Cimoy Bahattin Aga ABD'ye etmis bir Kurt aileden geliyormus ve aslen Biruki asiretindenmis A Kurdish friend I talked to recently told me, although it's hard to believe he's serious, it's not hard to guess what the purpose is, someone said that Biden's real name was C imoy Bahatt inn A gaa He came from a Kurdish family who emigrated from Yerevan to USA and was originally from the Biruki tribe Rate this translation Write a comment GIF meme
Daily random sep Item SCP 5758 Object Class Keter Special Containment Procedures Following the events detailed in SCP 5758  Addendum, no attempt is to be made to interfere with SCP 5758 or the movement of SCP 5758 1. Due to its small size and relatively low refractive index, no images of SCP 5758 1 have been produced to date. Should images of SCP 5758 1 be produced in the future, they are to be immediately discredited or explained to be an optical illusion as most appropriate. Description SCP 5758 is the collective designation for the phenomena and entities surrounding Theban Tomb T147 and the modern Cult of Khonsu. SCP 5758 1 is a group of Achaea lienardi, a tropical species of moth. Over the course of a lunar month, SCP 5758 1 journeys to and from the moon, first travelling towards the m