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This gon sound mad pretentious but being an ex writer gives me this special gift where i fucking deny reality entirely and just kinda cope with everything with oh thisll make a really cool ass dystopia short or by cute wholesome shit when in reality im deeply terrified but i cant draw out that emotion anymore and instead its just disguised creativity memes

Just my train of thought If she actually wrote that then it makes her sound terribly ignorant. If she elaborated, mentioning the individuals that are so consumed minutely w their own body image weight  and  muscles their own pov  and  more less so 1  Self imagery then yeah, stop fretting, breath, your health is most important but dont focus on it, even cancer patients have to stop trains of anxious to live in the moments their gifted w be time is We are our own worst critics, others pov are always second, if even acknowledged. Do not let yourself or another stop you from living, cherish your time here, dont minutely focus on that shit. Be healthy about it, not consumed. I think she's lovely, but not her top, pose, and camera angle. I would have taken a better photograph of her. Not importa

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FACE WHEN SOMEONE SAYS P*GERS There's no other word for it or maybe there is Idiotic, retarded, fucked sideways you get my point. What I'm trying to say is that the moderators of are 14 year old 9010 kids from the US. You guys have absolutely ho idea what Article 13 is, because if you did, you wouldn't be straight up banning people from the EU. Let me give you a description on what Article 13 is for you, nice and short for your simple brains. Article 13 is the enforcement of copyright laws for online companies where they now take full responsibility for the copyrighted content on their website. It doesn't han memes, or gifs, or whatever ridiculous shit the 9 year old Reddit community has come up with. And besides, Article 13 will be written into law in 2 years, so why han everyone now Inst

HOME  TV  NEWS February 10, 2021 PT Lucasfilm, UTA Drop Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Following Offensive Social Media Posts By Daniel Holloway ADVERTISEMENT GIFTS UNDER Shop Mark Von Holden That's it. Cancel your Disney subscriptions, write or email Lucasfilm, we will NOT stand for cancel culture anymore. Lets do our thing memes