The Virgin Metoidioplasty The Chad Metroidioplasty Purely cosmetic The only way to become immune Uses peeled off arm flesh to to X parasites make a hot dog and attach it to the crotch Leaves an unsettling Gives cool arm spikes Only downside is increased scar on the arm Can turn broken armor into Nonfunctional, cannot become erect blomechanical superwaspons without the use of implants, which then create the issue of having a literally permanent erection Only downside is increased weakness towards freezing, which would kill a human anyway Doesn't save lives Increases acrobatic skills Greatly increases risk of bacterial infection Could lead to prevention of biological warfare Can be performed on one's deathbed Can only be performed on someone healthy Makes metroids think you're one of them me
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Jay Madison jmadfour Replying to TonyHilfiger If Eminem was black with the exact same discography, he'd be unanimously considered the Greatest Rapper Alive. AM  Twitter for iPhone If Eminem was black he would be tech n9ne, twista or hopsin If Eminem was black he would be tech n9ne, twista or hopsin meme