Grill memes

THE FIVE RACES OF AMERICA KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE The Native WASP Likes to grill Loves his neighbor Good intentions but abysmal IQ Starting to get tired Lizard distracts him with red hats and pillow salesmen so he doesn't start a civil war The Big City Diaspora Italian or Irish surname Inherently violent and greedy Somehow managed to get 2 presidents in Will either become a mobster, male feminist or racist cop BADDA BING The New American Charming Great at landscaping Barely speaks English Will replace the WASP as the most common race in like 20 years Distrusts the Lizard The Lizard Ruler of the Western Hemisphere by right of conquest IQ in the quintuple digits Kept young due to a steady supply of adrenochrome Decides who rules your country Will bring about the New World