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So I gave my nephew a set of avengers cookie cutters and last night they made some sugar cookies with them sicilian macaroon rangerkimmy most of them came out REALLY GOOD like spiderman and iron man but then there's captain amerihurr can not BREATHE George Floyd really felt the need to give his two cents at the end there  George Floyd really felt the need to give his two cents at the end there meme
O Ken Carter December 22 What did someone say to you that instantly made you realize their life was in danger Timothy grabbed the back of his neck and said ow, that hurt what the hell We were busy so we couldn't coddle him. He grabbed the target and helped restrain him so we could take his picture for the morning paper. We had just got the guy in the truck and Timothy said that itches like a mother and threw his helmet off and started itching his scalp. Brian and I turned around and saw that Timothy had blood on his hands. We grabbed Timothy and led him to the back of the truck and sat him down on the tailgate. Brian took a look at Timothy's head and gave me a strange side glance of worry or concern. He rinsed it with water and you could clearly see the hole in Timothy's head and some cuts