Electoral College Dropout TUCKmeinatnight It feels like America just tossed the ring into Mordor, restored the heart of Te Fiti, destroyed Voldemorat's last horcrux, and took the infinity stones back from Thanos all at the same time memes
So either missed this completely or just forgot, but Lucius never even fucking worked at the Ministry. He just had a lot of leverage and showed up whenever he wanted. Which find hilarious for some reason. Of course he wouldnt do any work his entire life Imao memes
Gate But lore, we need to go back in time to save Buckbeak's life 1 Do not worry, feathers Ms. and Granger, slipped it made polyjuice potion out of Buckbeak feathers and slipped it into Draco Malfoy's drink, so you see, it was actually Malfoy that was executed, not Buckbeak I wonder what his father will think when he hears about this we memes
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Ravenclaw Girl meme, Till Lindemann Meme, Lindemann Meme, Harry Potter Meme, гарри поттер Meme, Potter Meme, поттер Meme, Daniel Radcliffe Meme, дэниэл рэдклифф Meme, Emma Watson Meme, эмма уотсон Meme, Emmawatson Meme, эммауотсон Meme, Hermione Meme, гермиона Meme, Hermione Granger Meme, гермиона грейнджер Meme, Hermionegranger Meme, гермионагрейнджер Meme, Rupert Grint Meme, руперт гринт Meme, Ron Weasley Meme, рон уизли Meme, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Meme, гарри поттер и орден феникса Meme, Lindemann Mathematik Feat. Haftbefehl Meme, Ravenclaw Meme, Cho Chang Meme, Harrypotter Meme, гаррипоттер Meme, Order Of Phoenix Meme, ордер феникса Meme, Room Of Requirement Meme, Hogwarts Meme, хогвартс Meme, когтевран Meme, школа чародейства и волшебства хогвартс Meme, Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry Meme, Mashup
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