Jewishdragon Follow Speaking of stupid worldbuilding The reason wizard robes are literal eyesores, with the most garish, most flashy, most brightly colored patterns and the biggest hats one can imagine, is the same reason monarch butterflies are brightly colored To quickly warn others that you are a fucking wizard Just like how the butterfly colors and patterns warn of poison Follow Ah, yes, aposematism fashion for Fuck around and find out meme
939B B al Help build my dream streaming set up $0 raised of $1,500 Donate now Dreams, Hopes and Wishes 28212, US I need the help of gamers worldwide and the bois I've been trying to save up for a gaming streaming set up I've been p Read more Updates 0 Keep your donors up to date with what's going on with your fundraiser. OC a, and Withdraw Edit Share Update Team Help a brotha out i ain't got nudes but ill run some games  Help a brotha out i ain't got nudes but ill run some games memes
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Fidelity Alert  New Issue Offerings Fideli Tue Jan 12,2021 PM EST Fidelity Alert  New Issue Offerings, Issuer Affirm Holdings, Inc. Offering Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock IPO The registration statement for Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock IPO WILL NOT be declared effective and the offering priced this evening, Therefore Personal Investments Pl has withdrawn from the Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock IPO offering for the following reasons Pl is required by the SEC to obtain confirmations on indications of interest aftr effectiveness but before secondary market trading in Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock IPO begins. The Affirm Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock IPO offering is NOW expected to be declared effective tomortow moming, and trading in the
What are the 5 signs of mental illness  A The five main warning signs of mental illness are as follows e Excessive paranoia, worry, or anxiety. Long lasting sadness or irritability. e Extreme changes in moods. Social withdrawal. e Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping pattern. Oct 14 M article Fellas  Fellas memes
P sure my hearts failing and my mental health is peaking negatively, feeling constant fist sized sharp pains in my chest and I I printed 8 blank papers today and filed them after swearing there was writing on them. Constantly dizzy and my head feels like exploding. Sharp pain up the inside middle of my left arm. Heard the printer go off and went to pick up whatever was on there and it was empty. Pulled out flashdrives to put stuff on only to realize I already had flashdrives of this stuff meme
Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor Just weeks before the election, the tech giants unite to block access to incriminating reporting about their preferred candidate. Everyone withdraws into their own small gated community, afraid of a larger forum. The different cardinal truths neither clash nor mesh. No one is invalidated, but nobody is right meme
All GAG Store ancVor access information on a device Learn mere How can change my choice What do not consent L How does legitimate interest What if do not consent Your personal data won't be used for the above, unless we and our vendors determine that we have a legitimate interest to do so. Glose the basis of legitimate interest, which you can object to by managing your options below. You can withdraw your consent at any time by visiting our privacy polley page. Consent Manage options memes