Why does Nylander ook like a grade ten girl who needs to have her locker completely organized, always first to class, 3 note pads for each class, colour coordinated, pencils always sharp not dull or shell throw them out, throws a fit when she gets below a 90% on her tests, teachers pet, always first to raise her hand, and most of all she is the organizer of all the clubs such as math club, science club, and music club. smh cut your hair and score some goals man Reply meme
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Test run for COMMISIONS these prices are not set in stone if it is successful with this test run I may up the prices cuz I feel like I'm underselling myself lol if it does ok I'll probably keep the prices for a while disclaimers additional info at bottom also I work a full time job so there will be limited commisions at a time Headshot $15 full body $25 Selfie to Drawing $10per person you add Animal headshot $20 fullbody $15 prices may change animal complexity depending pet and person $35 Car $10 to $20 depending on of picture Motorcycle $20 to $30 again depending on angle complexity of picture Simplistic Style $6 per person in photo with or without black outline This is better for groups of peoole Disclaimers I will do these of you, family, friends, or even casts fron your fav show or cel