Dean Mayes Hambledow QQ My daughter She is being is distraught bullied at this school afternoon. by senior She is being bullied at school by a senior student in Yr 7. We're saying all the usual things  and  encouraging her  but she's just a bit broken right now. ginacarano HamillHimself  do you have any words to comfort her 551 On2k it Gina Carano  ginaca What comes out of a bully's mouth says more about how they feel inside than who they are bullying. Tell Lucy to put a forcefield around her heart  and  never let what that bully says past that force field. She must be a bright light if the darkness is already trying to hold her down. Gina Carano's tweets are abhorrent  Gina Carano's tweets are abhorrent memes
News Crime Were Several Cops Killed at George Floyd Protests Misleading memes have misrepresented or mislabeled the circumstances of several officers deaths. By Dan Evon Published 9 June Updated 16 June 2020 2020 In June 2020, as protests against racial injustice and police brutality continued across the United States in the days following the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis, rumors started to circulate on social media that a number of police officers had been killed by demonstrators. For example, the following set of images supposedly showing 6 officers that died in the last 10 days while working the protests, actually shows officers who died of various causes ranging from brain cancer, to heart attacks, to car crashes months prior