TEAM FORTRESS Looking for a specific item Show advanced fters The Spirit Of Giving Team Fortress 2 The Badge  Gifts Given 250 The more gifts you give away, the bigger your heart will get Get what gift givers call the Smissmas spirit, and what cardiologists call hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Not Tradable or Marketable   WemwikiPage.I  Inspectin Game. Tags Strange, Cosmetic, Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy, Pyro, Spy, Engineer, Not Tradable, Not Marketable 4ofis IS memes
It may have happened this way The mother seal had just given birth and were frightened about coming people The umbilical cord is the first thing what animal mother cut after birth but she had no time. The pups are living in snow and nobody can touch them otherwise is sure that the mother seal abandon the pup. The faith of this pup is sad. Leiah Sariell, Lapland Finland 1 Heartbreaking story. However I do not believe that these fishermen should be punished, they were genuinly trying to help and were really ignorant to the fact that sometimes human intervention can be deadly rather than life saving. Nature can be extremely cruel at times the mother might have abandoned it due to it being ill or if it had been tampered with by human hand. Poor Baby Valera RIP Sweetheart memes
Wouldn't a wooden stake through the heart kill ANYONE not just vampires obviously yes, but the point is that wooden stakes are among the ONLY things that CAN kill vampires. we won't die by other stakes, idiot onewayoranother textpost memes
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My fellow americans, it is with a heavy heart i say, that in all likelihood, if you are seeing this i am dead. i wish could say my death was not in vain, but that would be dishonest, as my entire life was in vain. am a bastard of a man, but i am enough of a man to know, and accept his. am akin to a rat stuck in a cage. the rat knows he is stuck, and trapped, but does not know a way out. i find this to be a a synonym for society. we are all in one ay or another trapped, however we know of no way ut. wish i could say i will see you all, on the other side, ut i would not wish were i am going unto anything, nor anyone. with this being said. for one final time. joodbye memes