At  Verizon LTE PM TV Episode, Rating Count at least 1,000 Sorted by IMDb Rating Descending 1 50 of 15,130 titles. I Next  View Mode Compact I Detailed Sort by Popularity I A Z I User RetingV I Number of Votes I US Box Office I Runtime I Year I Release Date I Date of Your Rating I Your Rating 1. Attack on Titan 2013  Episode Hero 2019 TV MA I 24 min I Animation, Action, Adventure 10.0 Rate this As Erwin's heroic charge buys Levi time to confront the Beast Titan, Armin comes up with a plan of his own that lays it all on the line. Directors Masashi Koizuka, Tetsur6 Aral, Akitoshi Yokoyama I Stars YOki efl, Marina Inoue, Tomohisa Hashizume, Yoshimasa Hosoya Votes 39,556 2. Breaking Bad 2008 2013 Episode Ozymandias 2013 TV 14 I 48 min I Crime, Drama, Thriller 10.0 Rate this Walt goes on the ru
WHAT'S YOUR SUPERHERO NAME FIRSTINITINE MIDDLEINITIME AST INITIAL A Amazing A Flying A Alien B  Bombastic B  Growing B  Beast C Chivalrous C Furry C Corpse D Daring D Indestructible Dragon E Extraordinary E Raging E Eagle F  Fantastic F Mind Reading F Fairy G  Gritty 6  Shrinking G Giant H Helpful H Invisible H Hawk Incredible Steel Imp Jaunty Frozen J Jaguar K Killer K  Fiery K Kid L Lowly L Green L Lizard M Marvelous M Silver M N Nefarious N Evil N Nymph Odious Fighting O Ogre P  Poisonous P Yellow P Python Quixotic Speedy Q Queen R  Radioactive R Swimming R Robot S Savage $ Levitating Spirit T Terrifying T Red T Thief U Unlikely U Laver U Underdog V Vicious Exploding V Vampire We Wild W Armored W Xanthic X Blue X X Ray Y Young Y Underground Youth 1 Tealous Z Orange 1 Zombie Brougit to y
John Halo THIS IS JUST LIKE SUPERHERO MOVIE  Alex Angelo  AlexAngelo Why does it feel like thanos died  20 Jan 21  Twitter for iPhone John Halo JohnHaloCE th  John Halo JohnHaloCE Sh some fella gonna post about the marvel superheros defeating orange thanos today and in going to depict them as a sovbov. watch memes